The Globetrotting Meghan

The Globetrotting Meghan

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Craziness at a Party

So this is some of the craziness we get up to at ward parties. My friend Emily (the one in the yellow) is going home in preparation for her mission so we had a going away party. This apparently meant seeing just how many people can fit on a two seater couch. Ethan thought it was funnier when he was lying on top of all of us.

The best part was the gift that Emily got. Lisa Wiltbank (not my roommate... other Lisa) made a custom game of guess who with some of the ward members. It is pretty much the best game I've ever seen.


Nicole said...

That is so incredibly awesome! I love it!

The couch thing reminds me of dad piling in mutual kids in the 500. Do you even remember that tiny car?

Jennifer said...

Love the guess who game! Totally cool!

Anonymous said...

That is a cool game, especially for a youth ward.
Tucson Dad