The Globetrotting Meghan

The Globetrotting Meghan

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ink's New Trick

So Ink has a new trick. I'm pretty sure she got it from her Uncle Frances. At first it was just drinking out of the faucet if I left it dripping. Now it is sitting in the faucet, letting it drip all over her, and drinking at her leisure. It took a really long time to get a decent video of it, as she is camera shy, but I think it was worth the effort. How many cats do you know that willing let water drip all over them, or sit in a sink slowly filling up with water around them? I always knew she was a weird cat.

Craziness at a Party

So this is some of the craziness we get up to at ward parties. My friend Emily (the one in the yellow) is going home in preparation for her mission so we had a going away party. This apparently meant seeing just how many people can fit on a two seater couch. Ethan thought it was funnier when he was lying on top of all of us.

The best part was the gift that Emily got. Lisa Wiltbank (not my roommate... other Lisa) made a custom game of guess who with some of the ward members. It is pretty much the best game I've ever seen.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So Nicole pointed out to me the other day that she didn't think she had ever seen a picture of my roommate. So here is the best picture I have of Lisa and I. Unfortunately, we are dealing here with two people who don't like having their picture taken. But beggars can't be choosers.


Yes, I am finally updating my blog. But really folks, my life is so much less interesting then yours. Plus I don't have cute kids to put pictures of up. That and I really don't do much interesting around here. I go to school, and then come home and crash because I am so tired. But several interesting things are going to be happening soon.

I think I finally found a solution to my advisor problem. I am going to ask Andrei Caldararu, an algebraic geometer in the department, to be my advisor. But I am going to ask for something a little unique. I actually am interested in a field between algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory, so I have decided to try and see if both Andrei and Jordan (the one I wanted to be my advisor originally) will do a dual advisorship. This way I can have access to both fields, and not put too much of a strain on either of their excessively busy schedules. I really hope this works.

Also, I found a way for the department to buy me a plane ticket for a conference in November. A conference in Salt Lake City. So I will be there for about five days and get to see both Grandpa and my friend Michelle. I am very much looking forward to this. One should never turn down a free plane ticket, after all.

So that will be my life for the next few weeks. Nothing too terribly exciting. (At least nothing that can come even close to the excitement of a temple coming in Rome. I literally shouted in the middle of Conference when President Monson announced it this weekend. How serious are you all on the thought of going for a visit?) But I figured if I didn't update my blog soon Mom at least was going to get very angry at me. (Actually, I'm pretty sure she already is about this...)