The Globetrotting Meghan

The Globetrotting Meghan

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My favorite kind of turkey

So I saw this at one of my favorite yarn stores and just had to share. It was too cute.


I finally get to have my own Christmas tree. We cut it down ourselves and everything. It made it seem like Christmas time finally. Usually I miss out on so much since I don't get home until right before Christmas. This way I can still celebrate.

Lisa's Craziness

So I have a roommate who is perpetually hot. This makes things interesting since I am perpetually cold. Here was her solution on Sunday.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


So for my Christmas present, Lisa bought me two tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I went with my friend Emily from Church. And it was absolutely fantastic. We were sitting on the very top row and you could still feel the heat from the fire bursts. I think I am going to have to make a yearly tradition of going.

The place they performed in was huge. I think it is about the size of the conference center. And yet the sound was still fantastic. It definitely put me in the Christmas mood.