The Globetrotting Meghan

The Globetrotting Meghan

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Rain Day

So adding to the assortment of weird weather problems that I have had since coming to Wisconsin...

Today I got to school a little late because it snowed last night and so the buses were annoyingly full. When I got there there it was completely dark, as there were no lights in the entire 12 story math building. This was okay in the classrooms and offices since there are lots of windows, but it made climbing the stairs interesting as it was pitch dark. But I started to teach nonetheless, we just restricted ourselves to the boards that had the most light on them. Then half way through my second class we had a man come in and say the building was being evacuated. So I am home for the day. Turns out that it poured last night and all the ice melted (Of course, there was a new ice layer this morning) and it flooded the bottom floor. And the electrical generator. So not only is there no light, there is danger of electrical problems. But hey, it means I get a day off. Must be pretty bad, though. UW refuses to cancel classes usually. We have even taught through a blizzard.

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Jennifer said...

Anything is good if you get a vacation from school. I love all your new posts!